you win everything for playing Elastica's "Connection." Good god, I love that song so much. Also, for reminding me via song that I want to see The Triplets of Belleville. I'd completely forgotten about that movie. I'm determined to learn all the words to that song (yes, the French version) and to be able to sing along with it without doing that I-don't-know-the-words mumble.


hey man,
I love that band and love hearing sweet pot. on your show (DJ's NOTE: IMPERIAL TEEN). please keep it going as that band deserves a lot more notice than they have gotten over the years. I'm looking forward to their show Oct22.

Love your show and thanks for introducing us to cool new stuff and reminding us of the cool old stuff (like creeper lagoon)!

Tom Turkey

Hi Greg,
I actually just started listening to The Bottom Forty on and off for the past year. It always depends on my schedule, but if I am ever close to a radio I make sure you're on. I love it, I think its a great idea to play music that people don't normally hear. I know its inspired me to go out and buy some new music I wouldn't have before and for the stuff I did already know about it gets me excited to hear them on the radio.

Keep it up,

Meagan Solomon
Portland, Oregon

Best show on the radio. Period. I was just working on a project when I noticed your great set earlier with Morrisey and Rolling Stones and the Kinks, then you said exactly what I was thinking about no other radio station.

Then you played Pink Floyd.

I had to stop what I was doing to send you an e-mai to let you know just how much I appreciate your show on Sunday nights. It's one of the moments I look forward to each week, turning off the TV and listening to the Bottom Forty.

There was a time a few years ago when I stopped listening to 94.7. Back when you couldn't tell the difference between 94.7 and 101.1 KUFO. I'm really happy you updated your format and I'm glad I took another chance on your station.

Keep up the good work. And maybe someday I'll be able to listen to Sigur Ros to the Ramones to John Fogarty all week long.

Christian Conkle

Hi Greg! I just wanted to toss you some well-deserved kudos on the show. I normally hate the radio, cause it seems like even the decent stations only play about 20 or so songs over and over. But I was listening to The Bottom 40 a few weeks ago, as I do every Sunday night, and I heard Tom Waits. TOM WAITS. On the Radio! That was a big deal for me!

Good on ya, Greg! Keep up the good work!

Love and sunshine,

I have been listening to both your shows since you started here in Portland and I want to tell you how great I think they are. First off, The Bottom Forty brings back the classic Sunday Night Radio Show. I grew up in Los Angeles and had access to a lot of high quality radio. When I was a kid the show I listened most Sunday nights was Dr Demento. It's funny to think that my first exposure to Frank Zappa was "tittys and beer" when I was 12. I look forward to both Your show and Passport Approved. it's the best 4 hours of radio in town. My kids listen with me and they're not even 2 yet.

-Dino Petrone

another spectacular show! Of course, I was going to say that about last week's show too. And the week before that too! The Bottom 40 is always a couple of the very best 2 hours on radio.

-Paul Castle

The Bottom Forty is the second-best Sunday show....

Yes, second best, just barely below Little Steven's Underground Garage. Okay, maybe a tie. Still, you put together a GREAT, GREAT show. I'm really happy that someone had the nuts to put this together and get it on the radio. The thing I like the most is that you incorporate music that was once considered alternative. I've never heard the Who and Fugazi played on the same station before (and probably never will), and I loved it.

Anyway...a couple of playlist suggestions if I may. The Damned. And not just the late '80s, polished stuff. I mean the gritty stuff. Like off Machine Gun Ettiquite. Actually anything by the Damned is great.

More Who, namely Quadrophenia.

Hank Williams Sr. = Genius

Black Flag? Cocteau Twins? Bad Brains? Deep cuts off of any Pixies album?

Whatever. Anything you play is gonna be good. Listening to your show is like opening a birthday present every Sunday. I'm excited, surprised and I look forward to it all week.

Thanks for being creative,
Dan DeGraw

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